Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Chief Talent Officer and CEO in Kansas City, Denver, Tampa & Washington, D.C.

Hi, my name is Rob Lockard. I am a survivor of the corporate world.

For years I toiled, not realizing what I was doing to myself by taking on mismatched jobs, with mismatched supervisors.

The entire time, I had this mindset that I was the problem, and what I brought to the table wasn't enough. I was always pushing myself to excel at unrealistic goals - even if it came at the cost of doing harm to myself or worse, those on the team around me.


The unintentional results left me burned out and miserable. It wasn't until I understood my behavioral insights, presented by The Predictive Index that I was able to work on my personal awareness and truly begin to set myself free of what I defined as "regular workplace drudgery".

Today, I combine my experience and knowledge with the tool of The Predictive Index to help organizations ensure that they are objectively hiring & placing the correct folks, in the correct roles, on the most optimized teams.

I can help you solve your people problems - quickly.

My focus is on assisting organizations to avoid the problems caused by hiring mistakes, ill-equipped leaders, and mismatched teams (including employee-to-role, employee-to-manager, and employee-to-team issues) that re-engage teams and get them (highly) productive (again).

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    • emineo HRC
  • Education
    • MS, HR Development
    • Clemson University
What clients say about me
Rob with emineo was great! He listened as I explained our organizational need and proceeded to share lots of great ideas for team building and engaging during virtual workshops. He shared a planning resource and even offered follow-up support.”
Rebecca, Program Coordinator
Rob was a great partner – extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to work with. We are very happy with his work and highly recommend him.”
Rosita; Non-profit Board Member
This was a fantastic experience. I was able to complete a critical project for my organization with a much higher quality outcome than I would have been able to do on my own.”
Megan; COO