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With 20 years of business & management experience, numerous certifications, and board experience under his belt, Rob is a guide to those looking to avoid the dangers and drudgery of human complexity.

He focuses most of his consulting on resolving the problems caused by hiring mistakes, ill-equipped leaders, and mismatched teams (including employee-to-role, employee-to-manager, and employee-to-team issues) to re-engage teams and get them productive (again).

If you can believe it, things weren't always this way. For years Rob toiled in the corporate world, not realizing what he was doing to myself by taking on mismatched jobs, with mismatched supervisors. The unintentional results of his choices left him miserable and burned out - but the worst part is that he didn't know why. It wasn't until he was able to experience The Predictive Index that he was truly able to put the self-guilt away, stand in his own light, and be set free.

Today, he combines his experience and knowledge with an industry-leading tool to helps organizations hire remarkable people, improve their leaders, and align their teams to achieve remarkable business results.

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What clients say about me
Rob is the consummate HR professional. I hired him and, very quickly afterward he turned around a department that was in complete disarray and gained the respect of the leadership, as well as team members. His knowledge of HR is extensive, and he created new policies and processes that were greatly needed. He also did everything he could to integrate the company's new core values throughout the organization..."
Susan Beck, Cultural Transformation Consultant (former COO, Cohen-Esrey)
Rob changed the way I viewed an HR department. For once in my career it felt like HR was an asset rather than just a necessity. He has a real gift in being calm and helpful during challenging times and I always appreciated the way he delivered it in layman's terms. Rather than directing everyone with only policy and handbook speak, his approach was geared more towards informing you of legal and ethical recommendations and then supporting you and your decision..."
Tom Cowan; Vice President, The Nexus5 Group
Rob went above and beyond my requested expectation. He offered vital recruitment suggestions and deployed his team to assist our small operation to find the right person. After finding them, Rob followed-up to make sure that he and his team met our needs and expectations. He offered coaching tools and resources available to sustain the success of the candidate and cultivate employee development...He is a pleasure to work with and left us with a positive experience."
Angela M. Morehead; Executive Director,
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